Link: Humbug Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 16.48.16.png

Humbug explores the connectivity of two generations. How both can be worlds apart, and never seem to connect. This short Follows a young girl and her attempts to give a bitter old woman, a sweetie.

  • Experimental Audio foliage
  • Shot on a Canon 7D
  • Edited with Premiere Pro CC

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 Link: Rouge

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 20.40.08

This Kill Bill/Noir Hybrid, is a collection of work throughout my second year of studying BA FILM, the idea came to life from a short story/Novel idea, which is still in the process of planning, and should be coming in autumn 2016.

  • Noir Hybrid
  • Shot on a Canon C100
  • Edited on Premiere Pro CC

I don’t own any right to the music used.           



Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 20.55.03.png

This Film is connected to a module, i had to do in my first year for script writing, and this is the experimental accompaniment, to that short script which i will also feature on the script page.

  • Experimental, use of lighting and strobes to create visual effects.
  • Use of green screen
  • Filmed on an Iphone 4s
  • Edited on Final Cut Pro X


Distance (Super 8)

Link: Distance a Super 8 FilmScreen Shot 2013-11-25 at 08.50.11.png

Overall “Distance” was an extremely enjoyable film, and abstract view to film on the dying form of Super 8, and it was a personal feeling of that I had to try and give the medium justice, by not using tacky effects, but to edit it by using what I had at my disposal from filming, as im very passionate about working in an abstract form to portray an idea.
 I loved working on this project although I would have liked to have worked on a bigger time frame, out one minute target was quite difficult to try and give Super 8 and my idea justice, but im happy with the outcome, Aesthetically making the montages and then watching them back is something that I like to do, and I think for a viewing of an audience it works, but because its subjective different people glance at different fames that seem more dominate to them, so each person is going to have a different experience and view on the film, although certain parts have changed due to the problems with the night time filming, and lack of light which initially it was so post to be a filming comparison of the space of the city, but because the footage was black,  we used what we had, and to some extend im glad the film was black, because the effects that came from the darkness was key to when it came to overlaying, and if the project didn’t change I don’t think it would have had the same aesthetic effect.
 Something I have learned from using Super 8 is that in such a short time frame you can produce some amazing contrasting visuals, and effects just from the camera your using, even though the camera is old, the quality is something that cannot be replicated, even down to the last second of footage when letters that are printed on the film its self when the film runs out is part of its personality, and as someone that loves abstraction I was extremely privileged to use a medium that’s near death.