I guess, I better start this off well, I’m currently twenty-one years old, studying BA FILM at Plymouth College of Art. I suffer with dyslexia, and Anxiety, and as you can imagine the two don’t mix, which can be quite frustrating, especially when you know you have to power to create something great, but alas the words never reach the end of you pen.

All I’ve ever wanted to do, is to make everyone happy, whether that’s writing fiction, or creating art for the world to enjoy.

I’m a budding Film maker, with no end of ideas. My life goal is simple, continue to write and get all of my thoughts printed onto paper, and try and at least make something of my life.

As an aspiring writer, I’m working on numerous projects, and hopefully one day will get my first novel, and set of Illustrated children’s books, published Best to stay positive”.

Before any of that can even happen I must let others delve deep into my cosiness, and understand the person I am, and the person I want to become I’ve always wanted to keep a memoir and well I guess this is just the start.

welcome to my world.

P.s I know my beautiful Feline deserves a place on the cover of Vogue. “Give it up for Leo the lion”