Game Of Thrones

The new trailer has just dropped.

First season without a guide from the books?

Firstly, i must say the new trailer looks so intense and, quite frankly amazing, having read all of the books in the current series from “George.R.R. Martin”, Game of Thrones has always been a passion of mine even before it became a huge successful television program and brand from HBO.

But i can not help or wonder will this season succeed or fail? Every bone in my body wants this season to work, but without a direct link to the book, im wondering will it fail to impress the diehard fans of the books, or will it spoil the storyline for those of us, that love reading and getting, stuck into the world, that the author made around us.

Because “Martin” for the past few years has promised to bring the next two books for us that we can all sleep easy at night knowing what happens in the world we have all grown to love, if he sadly passed away before completion, we will never know, and only have the final two seasons to watch to find out what happens next, i just really hope he finishes it soon, and HBO does it justice if this is the case, (i have no doubt they won’t disappoint)

Anyhow, i have a feeling this season is going to be the best by far.