First Preview

This is the first i’ve let anyone other than my editors, look over a preview of my first novel, it’s still a working title. The right title will come along  eventually but for now let’s go with, “The Seven Circles”.


Every once in awhile as human beings we question our own reality, the barrier of life and death, what it means to cross from one to another.  I’ve always pictured that we are born, we live and once our life has reached its expiry date, death takes us.

Is death really such a bad thing?  Why is there such a fear?  I guess it’s just the knowing we have no control of our own ticking time bomb.

It’s been said that once you have taken your last breath and you die, your brain stays active.  In those few minutes you see and witness your whole life, flashing through your brain giving you one last peaceful glimpse of life.  I guess to some that would be the ideal version of heaven; if such a thing even exists, one day we will all find out.

Watching your life flash in front of you, for some this may be a beautiful thing, or others it may be hell.  But then again what is the definition of hell?  Fire! Everything on fire or could it simply just be a bad day at work repeating over and over again, I know which I’d choose.

On the other hand, what about those of us that don’t go to either, purgatory the in-between I guess that’s where I fit in, not knowing if the past your future, is the present or a dream.

It’s too real to be a dream, I’ve been telling myself for the past few months, weeks, days, seconds, or years, I really don’t know which, or could I’ve imagined my whole life.

I’ve never been a religious person or someone that, goes to church, I just think of myself as a believer in the here the now, and now is exactly the nineteenth of march year two thousand.

I’m twenty-one years old, but in the year two thousand I’m six or should I say a version of myself that is.

Each day I open my eyes and stare up, wanting to wake from this dream, but instead I’m greeted with this reality.  Until I realize my purpose, I’m going to be stuck here, in purgatory so I guess, it’s time I told you how I got here.

My Name is Noah, and I’m dead…

©Jack H W Williams. All Rights Reserved